William Wakefield + Sarah Wright

8 children
Arthur John Wakefield
Birth: October 26, 1872 38 41England
Death: August 27, 1878Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio

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Family group information
Marriage October 9, 1853
Parish of Birmingham in the County of Warwick 9 October 1853 William Wakefield, 21, Bachelor, Fitter, Wharf Street father John Wakefield, fitter Sarah Wright, 22, Spinster, Wharf Street father Philip Wright, weaver Married in the Parish Church of St. Thomas after Banns by Geo. S. Ball, Rector in the presence of Robert Layton and (the mark of) Elizabeth Silks
Note: Witnesses Robert Alexander Layton (b. 24 May 1835) and Frances Elizabeth Silk (b.7 May 1832) were wed on 5 Nov. 1854 at St. Martin Church, Birmingham. Layton's parents were George Layton and Sarah Wood. Silk's parents were John Silk and Caroline Edwards.
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