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Format: pastel portrait by Nellie Line
Type: Photo
SourceCollection of Molly Milner
Date of entry in original source: 1934
Last change August 26, 201719:16:30

by: Molly Milner
Given names Surname GIVN SURN Sosa SOSA Birth SORT_BIRT Place NCHI Death SORT_DEAT Age AGE Place Last change CHAN SEX BIRT DEAT TREE
Florence May Van Benschoten
Florence MayAAAAVan BenschotenVan BenschotenAAAAFlorence May0June 10, 18562399111167Ohio33August 30, 19412430237828531126Vermilion, Erie Co., OhioOctober 18, 2021 - 12:02:43 p.m.1634558563FYESY100